Friday, June 15, 2012

Rockies cut Jamie Moyer; end of his career?

It looks like Jamie Moyer may not be playing another season in the big leagues.

As he completes his fifth decade of life (the big five-oh), it's likely Moyer won't be coming back to play with the pros. Just recently, the Rockies cut the pitcher that has the designation as the oldest to do many things on the mound -- wins, shutouts, and even a World Series in 2008.

Regardless, it seems like Moyer's time has run out. As his age ticks away, so does his ability to play the physically demanding sport of baseball, and so the master must step back to let the students take the helm (or the mound, in this case).

Moyer is among a distinct group of baseball players (just twenty-nine exist) who have played Major League baseball over four decades. This man has seen so much of the majors, and how it has changed, that he may be a living testament to modern baseball.

"I just felt like that by sending him out there, we were compromising him and the team," says Rockies manager Jim Tracy.

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